Can investors of the crypto-currency industry turn over in 2020? They say they can!

The crypto-world in March experienced a roller coaster transition from greed to extreme fear. In the beginning of the year, “I will never see Bitcoin under $ 10,000 again.” It didn’t take long to become “I saw Bitcoin of $ 3,800 again in my lifetime.”

The tramp-down plunge not only triggered a huge amount of liquidation, but also allowed traders to witness the different performances of various parties in the industry in the face of extreme market conditions, so that the imperfect mechanism of the young industry experienced a sudden stress test.

Today, although the market has picked up slightly, investors are still generally in a state of panic. “Others fear that I am greedy” is obviously not something that ordinary people dare to do.

However, if you are still in the industry, or if you are a friend who holds and will still invest in cryptocurrencies, it is better to have pains in the near future in a narrow range of shocks.

Today’s world-renowned chain investment project has attracted the attention of investors from all over the world, and it has become a star project leading the world in the era of economic downturn.

BBGO is a decentralized full industrial chain ecological incubation platform based on blockchain technology. The project was jointly initiated by Japan, South Korea and the Middle East. The project was initiated in May 2017. The fund company was officially established in June and received: Japan Softbank Group, GSH Global Holding Group, Dubai Futures Fund and other well-known institutions have invested in and received technical blessings from IBM.

Not only that, but now the ecological industries that BBGO has successfully incubated include the BTC digital currency mine in the Middle East-with 100,000 ants T17–42T, S17–50T, BTC mining machine, electricity price 0.05–0.08 / degree, digital currency exchange, district Blockchain social media-weegle. After three years of research and development, weegle has now landed and has more than 1 million active users.

Joining BBGO now has many advantages! Not only is the initial investment small, but the return is high, you can also get the token BBGO whose value is still underestimated!

How to join BBGO to board the Fortune Train?

If you join and invest 10,000 USD now, your income will be like this:

Why can everyone be so rich? This is because the BBGO mine has powerful hematopoiesis! In addition to the miners, the mining market has the most profound impact. Recently, the saying about “mining disaster” has been very popular. In fact, the “mine disaster” is not as easy as everyone thinks. People who are constantly shouting that “the mine disaster is coming” may not understand bitcoin mining at all.

“Bitcoin is a very well-designed Nash equilibrium system. When the price falls, it will bring the hashrate down; after the hashrate drops, the difficulty will be lowered, and the total income of the miners will actually rise again, because the miners have to spend less cost. In fact, this is a very effective anti-fragility structure, so we are still optimistic about the future development of Bitcoin. “BBGO market leader said that the” mining disaster “is not true.

If sovereign trust collapses in 2020, the currency may seek anchor for the third time. Whether Bitcoin can become one of them is still unknown. “Now that there is no third anchor other than sovereign credit currency, there is a possibility that these digital currency systems represented by Bitcoin are undoubtedly good for Bitcoin, because it is most likely to become the third anchor. “

In 2020, disasters are hard, but you with investment vision may become the biggest winner!

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